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I'm taking part in a Learning Party at Assemble - a community space for technology and art in my neighborhood.  Tonight's theme is "Circuits & Contraptions" so what better time to make conductive playdough?


I cooked up the recipes two nights ago, and I'll be bringing both conductive and resistive playdough, some 10mm LEDs, a couple of 9-volt batteries, a tiny piezo buzzer, a small DC motor, and a handful of pipe cleaners for extra squiggly conductive shapes.

I've been interested in the possibilities of conductive playdough for a while, ever since watching AnnMarie Thomas's TED talk.

Here are some other great resources, links, and recipes:

a blog post from SparkFun electronics with links and directions 

a printable recipe for conductive and resistive playdough 

and the original conductive playdough site created by AnnMarie Thomas's research group.

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