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...and thanks for some kind words

People tell me they hesitate to post work or create a blog online - worried that the responses will be mean and anonymous.  After maintaining a blog since 2002, and posting daily since the end of 2004, I think I can remember one cranky/snarky remark among more than 4000 comments. Commenting has been very quiet of late, because my whole website got caught in a storm of spam, and I had to turn comments off for a month.  I've turned them on again, now that the spammers have moved on, and I hope the conversations can pick up again. I know that through posting my work every day, and posting links to work I find interesting or inspiring, I've had conversations and have learned things that change how I see the world. If you are considering starting a blog, jump in! (And maybe let us know in the comments, so we can come visit.) You may find that the fiercest critic you have to contend with is yourself. 

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