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With another teacher, I'm hoping to speak at South by Southwest EDU this spring. We want to teach people how to use App Inventor to program Android phones, so that they can get their students programming with a minimum of fuss.

DescriptionWhat if students could learn to program cell phones as their introduction to the concepts and skills of computer science? What if the software to do it was free and intuitive? In one hour of hands-on exploration, we'll walk you through the creation of your first application for a mobile phone, using the App Inventor programming environment developed by Google. App Inventor combines drag-and-drop playful logic in the style of Scratch with the compelling excitement of developing robust programs and games for the smart phone in your pocket. Bring your Android phone if you have one, and bring a laptop where you have admin authority to install a driver and a free application. Elizabeth Perry and Brian Van Dyck are experienced classroom teachers who have used App Inventor with students at Google CAPE (Computing and Programming Experience) and Inspired by CAPE Programs, as well as with their own students.

  1. How can mobile devices inspire students to learn programming?
  2. How does App Inventor make it easy to program an Android phone?
  3. Can you teach with App Inventor if you have a "no cell phone" policy?
  4. What do playful exploration and design thinking bring to teaching and learning?
  5. What resources are available for teaching with this new software?

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