on making sketchnotes

I just watched a terrific talk given by Eva-Lotta Lamm: "Visual Note Taking / Sketchnotes." 

Eva-Lotta Lamm: Visual Note Taking / Sketchnotes from webexpo on Vimeo.

Her demonstrations, examples, and explanations were very helpful. (Hope I get to see her speak at some point - or perhaps she'll write a book...) More information and links on her blog. (via Peter Durand)


Thank you for posting this presentation. I have been experimenting for the last six or eight months with visual note-taking. I'm at the point where I am convinced "this is really important" though not yet there with the "free fall" sort of improvisation techniques she talks about. Excellent ideas and references. Thanks ever so much.

I think I'm in a similar stage with visual notes. Lots of experiments. No consistent use. For now, I find I'm more able to take visual notes when the topic is not important to me - I'm freer to take chances, leave things out. When it's a formal meeting for a project, I go back to my old patterns of words.



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