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After a day of game-playing, I like the Nintendo 3DS. I was happy to discover that even wearing my tri-focals, I can see the 3D effect, and I was afraid that wouldn't work. I can imagine eventual educational uses for the device - 3D instructional video, for example, or games of exploration and discovery. For now, though, the software isn't there. I'd love to see it as a platform for students/kids/anyone to use for learning programming.  I'd love to be able to create my own AR experiences, and to create 3D stop motion animation.  The individual 3D photos are great to take, but they are stuck on the SD card - no easy way to view them on any other screen.

So. On my budget, I probably wouldn't buy the device. I'd wait until I could use it more easily for expression and learning as well as entertainment. However, since it was given to me, I'm delighted to have it. I'll certainly have lots and lots of fun playing games while I wait for the next version of the software. 



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