I've been using the iPhone application Instagram since December.  Until I started using it,  I didn't think that anything particularly prevented me from sharing snapshots online, after all, I posted a picture of a drawing every night. However, Instagram has made it much easier to share quick snapshots from my phone. I've loved that I can cross-post to Twitter with a click.  

It's similar to the shift to blogging.  I didn't think the software would make such a difference.  I mean, I could make web pages at the turn of the century, before blogging software came along (and I did) but once the software made it easy, I updated my site more and more often, until it became a daily part of my life. Now photo sharing is becoming part of my life, and part of how I use Twitter.

(And now Instagram has its own feeds, so if you don't follow me on Twitter, you can keep an eye on what has my attention that way.)



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