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Processing and Arduino in Tandem: Video Mixer and Audio Visualizer are free online workshops offered by O'Reilly. The dates are both Fridays: February 25, and March 11. During the school day, but I may be able to schedule the time...
Spent much of today reading the news coming out of Egypt - here's an album of photos of the women of Egypt, demonstrating for democracy, collected by Leil-Zahra Mortada, who writes:

IMP: I did NOT take any of these photos, I´m just compiling them, I´m not even in Egypt! By now, a lot of people are sending me photos and I´m just posting them. I don´t have the rights to any of them, but it is important to get the voices out especially that the media so far has been ignoring the presence of women in the Egyptian revolution. For usage of photos for publications and the like, you should contact the people with the rights to them. It is a public album to be shared, so please feel free to spread it. All power to the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions, may they be the first of many worldwide!

Detail from the first video in Jeri Elsworth's new video series: A to Z of Electronics, A is for Ampere, sponsored by the equally awesome Adafruit Industries. (This may be the year that I learn and remember Ohm's Law.)  B is for Batteries is now online as well...
Roaring and rattling furnace. Wind and snow outside. I'll articulate things tomorrow - for tonight, it's enough to sit and wiggle my toes in warm socks.
Screen shot 2011-01-28 at 12.11.51 AM.png

I like the way software on my phone lets me make double exposures as I go along...  (My daughter was typing her book review, after hand writing her draft.)

secret keeper gloves from meg grant on Vimeo.

Elegant. I love the way she shares her planning and building process on her site as well.
"An essential element of any art is risk. If you don't take a risk then how are you going to make something really beautiful, that hasn't been seen before?" - Francis Ford Coppola, in this interview.
I'm looking forward to Make: Live, episode one, Wednesday evening.  (9 pm Eastern US time - clips will be archived and available later, if your schedule or time zone conflict.) This episode is about Arduino, so the topic is especially interesting to me.
This weekend felt longer than two days, not sure why... Happy to feel rested and ready for the coming week.

Yarn Monster from toddtreece on Vimeo.

This is wonderful. I want to see one in person, or even make one. Yarn and Arduino and motor and XBee fun combined. It looks as if there might be kits...

via @lizhenry RT of @yarnivore

Boucherouite - rag rugs from Morocco.  You can read more about them here.


This project was inspiring to me today.
The book arrived - now to read the first chapters and figure out what I have and what I need to get in order to work through the projects and learn how to use the Xbee.
For any parent who has rushed through a child's favorite book, any child who has challenged herself with tongue-twisters... here's the fastest Fox in Socks I've ever heard.

via Laughing Squid

I've been offline for a short break - but come back to find that I can now use Kindle more like a library.  I look forward to trying this site - and I'll be more inclined to buy books for the Kindle app if I can share them with many other people. (And not that I need another social network, but I can imagine sharing recommendations and reading reviews here...)


Impressive, expressive, autonomous, mobile, beautiful. iRobot's AVA platform. The iPad for a head just makes it extra appealing. via @singularityhub

This looks good - maybe now I can figure out how I'd use XBee for making interactive stuff.
The Oxford English Dictionary is free online through the 5th of February.  Use trynewoed / trynewoed as your login / password. (via Kottke)
Rice Krispiehenge - I love the concept. (And the photo is wonderful.)
How do People Tell Stories with Data? The guest post on Information Aesthetics by Enrico Bertini reviews an article by Edward Segel and Jeffrey Heer: Narrative Visualization: Telling Stories with Data (.pdf link) I've only read the review, at this point - look forward to reading the article this week.
The weekend brings a different rhythm - time to putter, time to plan. The structure of weekdays works fine, and I can get many things done, but when Saturday comes, I love the flexible space for thinking...
Elegant. And all in how you look at things.

Beautiful interview with the Sartorialist, on making art and living a visual life.
A conference on boredom - written up in Boredom Enthusiasts Discover the Pleasures of Understimulation.

How the laughing baby video (and other happy time-wasting moments) can make you smarter. Clive Thompson summarizes the research nicely, and links to the research report as well.
What has already (after two visits) become my favorite coffee shop for working and thinking, will be closed for the first half of this week for vacation.  I'm very glad they are taking vacation. Everyone needs to take vacations.  I, however, will need to find another place to daydream late tomorrow afternoon.

The ever amazing Jeri Elsworth recorded this video on the secret to learning electronics. I think it's the secret to learning just about anything. via Make

I've mentioned Catalog Living before - now it seems a Pottery Barn prop stylist or art director is a fan... planning a dinner for Gary and Elaine, and even putting figs on the marketing list.



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