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Looking ahead, I see a short stretch of time between Christmas and New Year's Day, where we have no household plans more complicated than playing with our new toys and just being with each other. So... as I'm increasingly irritated by my broken links and other digital dust bunnies, I may play with some upkeep and renovations around the website. I'm thinking seriously of migrating my blogs from Movable Type to Wordpress, for one thing.  MT is complicated and powerful, and probably more than I need to run a couple of daily blogs.  It's tricky for me to have the design control I'd like, and any time I want to do anything significant, I need to re-learn where everything is, and what it is called.  On the other hand, while I've contributed to a number of blogs that use Wordpress, I don't know what it's like to set up, much less migrate nearly 3000 posts with images and comments... Last time I changed platforms it was from Blogger to Movable Type and that was so long ago that Ben Trott was the one who did the setup for me! So I'll move slowly, here. I'll do things incrementally, and make lots of tests, and probably be maintaining multiple versions before I'm ready to switch from one platform to another.  

I welcome any advice, warnings, encouragement...


You might want to take a look at TextPattern as well.

Thanks, I will!



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