Alas, the James Burke videos I linked to yesterday are chopped into 10-minute segments and hosted on YouTube - so just as Burke gets to an interesting point, the clip stops and you have to focus on the computer again and find and play the next segment.  Not impossible, but annoying. The shows are worth it, though.


Actually, there are playlists for the episodes, and when you watch through a show's playlist, the next video is automatically queued up. No need to find and play, although there is a halt while the automated stuff happens.

If you go to the main channel page, then click one of the groups to the right, then you'll see a list of channel playlists for that series.

Thanks - you're right. I was watching them via the YouTube app on my iPad, and for some reason it was not running them in playlists - probably an error on my part, and I was feeling fussy, impatient and ungrateful. When I think about all that is online now, and free, I marvel...



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