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After reading an article in the New York Times earlier this fall, I got interested in learning more about the Livescribe smartpen.  With this pen, you write on specially dotted paper, and an on-board camera records your marks - words, sketches, doodles, diagrams. These can be uploaded to your computer whenever you dock the pen to recharge it.  The pen can also record audio. Later on, you can touch your pen to any mark on the paper, and it instantly plays back the sound recorded at that moment. You can also click on any part of the image when it's on your computer, and the sound will ply back in the same way. My pen came at the end of last week, and over the weekend I got it charged up and working.  I'm looking forward to taking notes in meetings this week, so that I can see how it all works in practice.

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Can't wait to hear about or see the results of your experiments.



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