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I'm trying to figure out a better work flow for the writing and record-keeping I do in my work. The system I've evolved for my records and reporting over the past nine years, as I've invented my job and worked with or reported to various people, with various styles of learning, and different levels of comfort with detail vs. big picture balance, has grown as strung-together and as unwieldy as this sentence I'm typing now.  At the moment, I have a calendar on my laptop (BusyCal), a written report compiled diary- or blog-style during the week (GoogleDocs), and a printed two-weeks-at-a-glance one page paper calendar (Excel), with lots of penciled notations.  I write about things more than once, nothing syncs, and I can't sort /export information flexibly, though I can find anything I need very quickly. I love having the archive I have - of nine years of conversations and questions and ideas, but I need a better way to do things.

So... I'm looking.  Thinking. Reading a lot.

Starting tomorrow I'm going to try using BusyCal more extensively, using the notes field instead of my old diary style of note-making.  I am going to see if I can use Bento to sort and organize the information, so that I can generate reports quickly. I think that Bento is supposed to integrate with iCal/BusyCal...  At any rate, I'm going to try this new combination next week, and see what I can do with it.



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