patience and process


I have a weakness for the magic of stop motion animation - and I love to watch documentaries about the makers' process. This short video shows the creation of a holiday message: 5 days, 20 animators, and 288,000 candles.


Would be pretty cool if you can make a video of your process :))

Hmm... I wasn't fishing for that, really. :-) I am headed for vacation, though, and the light there will be beautiful... perhaps a holiday project? We'll see.

Two years ago, I went to a midnight Easter Ceremony in a cathedral in the city where I live. The ceremony was to welcome light into our lives after the dark winter months. There was every form of song (e.g. Gregorian chant) and talk of what light is and the significance of both lightness and darkness in our world. All of these wonderful sounds supported by thousands of tea candle lights on the floor. The people attending the ceremony entered into a dark cathedral and sat in a shared darkness with only a little moonlight shining through the windows until the candles were lit.

Have a fun vacation.

How beautiful that must have been... thanks for writing about it.



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