I posted this in early January:

I'm always testing new bits of software, new tools.  Oooh, pretty-shiny-new, how does it work? Most of the time I use a thing once or twice and then forget about it.  I move on.  But every so often, I find something that naturally suits my way of working, and it becomes part of my life.

My newest favorite thing is OmmWriter - an application created for writing and concentration.  A pared-down space.  I can imagine making some changes to it (I'd love to be able to add my own background picture someday, or choose my own ambient sound) but the defaults are fine.  The software reminds me to be still, to take my time, to think, and then it gets out of the way.

I still feel the same way about OmmWriter.  I hope the version they are planning for the iPad is available soon.


Dear Elizabeth,

I absolutely LOVE your work and find it inspiring. I come here everyday and enjoy reading your notes and looking at your drawing/paintings. I have also begun keeping a sketchbook myself and guess what, I cant help but copy your style! I even have the same tools as you. I know its crazy and "wrong" perhaps. I'd really like to have my own style though but dont know how to go about it. Would you give me any advice and/or tips?

Help much appreciated!

Many thanks,

Dear Pratyusha,

If you draw every day, and really look at what you are drawing, that is such a wonderful thing to do. Whether in writing or music or art, I think a person's own style emerges from his or her work - from the presence and focus of daily practice. No one but you could make the exact choices you make in the moment of paying attention, and though you may not see it instantly, you already have a style. If you are human - you have a personal history like nobody else in the world, past or present, and that gets expressed - sometimes in very subtle ways - in everything you do. Art is no different.

Thanks for your wonderful comment - and keep drawing!

Your friend,

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you so much for the thoughtful words! I'll make drawing a daily habit. I think what struck me is your phrase "and really look at what you are drawing"... I generally look at something and think .."hmm, how would Elizabeth draw it?" or "I have seen a drawing of this in her sketchbook!". So, I'll try to really look now :)

Thank you for the encouragement. :)




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