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I am in the process of figuring out how to do interesting things with this machine.  It's about the size of a desktop printer, and it can cut, perforate, and score paper, vinyl, and cardstock, based on digital vector graphics files created on your own computer.  If you can create it, you can probably cut it out.

They have one at the Exploratorium, and blogged about it here and here.

So I was intrigued.  I had a little money left in my budget, and could imagine lots of ways to use it at school... I ordered one, and brought it home with me so I can get it figured out and maybe play with it a bit while I'm on vacation.  Challenge #1: the documentation is skimpy.  Challenge #2: although all the materials say that the plug-in works with Adobe Illustrator on the Mac, every single example seems to be based on the assumption that you are using their proprietary software an a Windows machine. As of yesterday, I've succeeded in cutting out letters - the next step will be to create a shape and cut that out, and then on to vinyl stickers.  

Meanwhile, here are some links I've found helpful: - a Craft Robo wiki - using Illustrator with Craft Robo - how to make a sign with a vinyl cutter-plotter - how to make pop-up figures and cards



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