on resistance

Does your own resistance get greater, the closer you get to completing (committing to) something original?  That's Seth Godin's argument in his recent conversation with Merlin Mann, and in a short conference talk about the "lizard brain."

They don't use these words exactly - but I do think that "Real artists ship," is an important principle. Get stuff done.  Make it.  Build it.  Write it.  Publish it.  Don't just talk around the subject or explain why the obstacles are too great to get something meaningful done.

George Sand got up at five in the morning.  Anthony Trollope wrote his quota of words before work every day.

And as Nick Lowe said, when asked about his approach to songwriting, "Bash it out now, and tart it up later."

This blog gets me to articulate and connect ideas about work, about making stuff, about teaching.  It does not get the creative work itself done, though. Some of that work happens in public, elsewhere, and some of that work is beginning this month. Offline. Today.



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