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Interesting to read the comments, both on the Singularity Hub blog post I linked to yesterday, and on a New York Times blog post - because I think many of the commenters are totally missing the boat here. When I think about the speed with which Jeff Han's multitouch surface became something that high school students were building for science fairs, and then realize that it will be emerging as an affordable consumer product (iPad), when I think about low cost ubiquitous computing with projection and interaction with mobile devices (as in the Pranav Mistry Sixth Sense TED talk from last year and from this past November in India: ) and then layer in the possibilities offered by Oblong Industries G-speak, I see so much opportunity in this space. We are already experiencing information and communication differently. These immersive, already-or-soon-to-be-low-cost technologies are going to take us further, creating new environments for learning.



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