iPad and ePub

So...  thinking about ways the newly-announced iPad will become a device for the classroom, for teaching, learning, and composing.  Will the new edition of iWorks export to the ePub format used in the reading software on the iPad?  Will the iPad read any ePub file?  (Can I read my Gutenberg books?  Can we self-publish for the iPad?)

What happens when reading a book can be multi-touch as well as multi-media? (Beyond kitschy animated effects...) How will the interaction change?  I still want that uninterrupted "fictive dream" that John Gardner spoke about - I want that diving in, want Virginia Woolf's "thought plunged into a sea of words and come up dripping."  But I love pictures, and responsive interfaces, and, yes, some video.  I love beautiful maps.  I love restrained, highly-controlled, minimal design.  Quiet.  Room for contemplation, but small touches that evoke delight.

I think the iPad can be a space for sharing beautiful work.  I want to make work for it.



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