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If you follow my bookmark mini-blog at all, you know that I'm a giant fan of Leah Buechley and Hannah Perner-Wilson (aka Plusea) and the work they've been doing combining traditional crafts with electronics and physical computing. Project after project after project intrigues me. I read and view their work online, or see presentations at conferences, and realize that this is the space where so many of my own interests overlap: textiles (knitting, felting, sewing), bookmaking and papercraft, feminist theory, art, computing, playful invention - all there.

Buechley is the director of the recently founded High-Low Tech research group at the MIT Media Lab. The no-less-awesome Becky Stern of Make and Craft visited the Media Lab recently, and made a video about the work going on there.


My newest daydream art and teaching residency? To spend a summer month or two at the Media Lab, learning from the research group, making things of my own, and writing curriculum for a different kind of electronics and computer science class... the kind of class I wish existed when I was in high school.



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