A new year - new decade - new blog.

I've decided to make myself an online space where I can think aloud. Many of the things that interest me fall outside of the direct focus of woolgathering, and while my mini-blog lets me annotate and share links, I'd like a more flexible and frequent format.  So here we are.

What's this about?

I am committed to creativity and expression, playful exploration as a mode of learning, and technology for regular people (non-specialists).  Much of what I do for my living lets me share what I know about these subjects in person, with other people - either one-at-a-time, or in small-to-medium-sized groups.

As a blogger, I have learned the power of daily practice.  In thinking each day about how we can be playful with the technology which so embraces us, I hope that I can contribute to the conversation as I keep learning, keep messing things up, and keep creating.

Thanks, and welcome.


Test comment - to see if I have things set up correctly.

Apparently, you have.

Wow, what a cool idea...

thank you, Elizabeth, for the example you set. And for your consistency... you always show up. That takes stamina. Courage, too. Keep up your excellent work!




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