I draw every day.  That doesn't require a lot of time, but it's a steady piece of each day's rhythm.  I often don't draw until the house gets quiet - other people have gone upstairs to bed, and I can take as much time and attention as I need, without fear of interruption.  (If I don't wait, and I am interrupted while trying to concentrate on something, I turn from patient to irascible with no notice.  Too hard on everyone else, and I feel sorry afterwards, but by then I'm distracted, the drawing goes bad, and, and,  -- it's just much easier all around if I wait until I can work by myself.)  Solitude restores me.  I love people and work with people all day.  Love my family and wish evenings, mornings, and weekends were longer.  But I need the balance of time alone - with words, with art - to feel like a whole person.



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